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Implant-Supported Overdentures Los Angeles, CA

Published: January 17, 2019

Have you had implant-supported overdentures recommended to you, or read about them online, but don’t know anything about them? Let’s talk about what you need to know. What are they All overdentures are dentures which are designed to fit over your existing teeth, be they natural teeth, prosthetics, roots, or implants. Implant-supported overdentures are a […]

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A Complete Guide to Dental Fillings – Los Angeles, CA

Published: January 7, 2019

Topics What is a Dental Filling When Does Someone Need a Dental Filling? Different Types of Dental Filling Materials Steps for Tooth Fillings Does Insurance Cover Composite Fillings? What are Indirect Fillings? What is a Temporary Filling and Will I Need One? How Do I Care for My Teeth After Fillings? How Can I Prevent […]

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Three Signs that Your Dental Implant has Failed

Published: December 31, 2018

Are your dental implants failing? Usually, dental implants work well, and the procedure is quite successful. But, in a few cases, dental implants don’t work. While this occurrence remains a rare event, here are some of the symptoms of a dental implant that has failed. A dental implant has three parts. The three parts are […]

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Four Tips to Enjoy Eating Sweets this Holiday, While Reducing the Risk of Tooth Decay

Published: December 25, 2018

Many people have certain sweet traditional foods that they eat during the holidays. But too much sweet foods can do more than make you put on the pounds. You may also cause tooth decay if you primarily eat sweets and don’t routinely thoroughly clean your mouth. Routinely eating sweet foods can cause periodontal disease, tooth […]

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Am I a Proper Candidate for Dental Implants Bone Grinding?

Published: December 18, 2018

Can You Use a Dental Implant to Replace Your Missing Tooth? Looking for bone grating in Los Angeles? If you are missing one or more teeth, you know how unsightly that gap in your teeth can look. You can get traditional dentures. But, for one or more missing teeth, you should consider getting a dental […]

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10 Dental Tips for This Holiday

Published: December 11, 2018

Sugary sweets and snacking remain a part of many people’s traditional celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and other parties that occur this time of year in Los Angeles. So here are ten suggestions for keeping your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful during this holiday season. Eat Healthy Foods While you enjoy that […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Sedation Dentistry, Los Angeles, CA

Published: December 4, 2018

What is Sedation Dentistry? Who is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry? How Safe is Sedation Dentistry? What are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry? How Does Nitrous Oxide Work in Dentistry? How to Get Over My Fear and Anxiety of Going to the Dentist How Much Does it Cost for Sedation Dentistry? What are the Types […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Now

Published: November 26, 2018

When was the last time you went to the dentist? If you paid for your dental insurance plan, you want to make the most of it. Not using your benefits can result in higher premiums. It’s time to look at your dental insurance plan to see if you have any unused benefits that you can […]

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Los Angeles Dental Implants – A comprehensive guide

Published: November 7, 2018

When it comes to the best dental implants deal in Los Angeles, Dr. Delaram Hanookai is the premier choice for high-quality periodontics and superior results. With over 25 years of experience in periodontology, Dr. Hanookai has helped thousands of patients resolve complex dental cases and achieve beautiful, natural-looking smiles. Whether you need an oral surgeon […]

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What Alternatives are there to ClearChoice® in Los Angeles, CA

Published: October 30, 2018

Get beautiful, permanent teeth in just one day while you sleep. All dental treatments, including the All-on-4® and All-on-6® solutions, are provided by Dr. Hanookai, top Los Angeles Periodontist. Dental implants are popular for those with unhealthy or missing teeth due to their realistic appearance and long-term durability, but when multiple teeth need to be […]

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