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Benefits of Having a Cosmetic Dentist and Periodontist in One OfficeAugust 15, 2016

Southland Dental Care in Los Angeles is a unique practice since the husband and wife team of Dr. Michael Abaian, D.D.S. and Dr. Delaram Hanookai, D.D.S., M.S. have brought their separate specialties to one practice to offer you comprehensive care. Whether your oral predicament involves a cavity, a slightly dull smile or a gaping hole, […]

Why Some Dental Implants FailAugust 2, 2016

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants from Southland Dental Care could be the answer. Implants are prosthetic teeth that look and perform much like your natural teeth. Although Dr. Hanookai has the highest success rate of any area dentist, implants can and do fail periodically. To ensure your dental implants are […]

Why Are Porcelain Veneers So Expensive?July 25, 2016

Many people in Los Angeles who are looking for a sparkling smile end up deciding that veneers are the best way to meet their goals of straighter, whiter teeth. However, some are surprised to learn that porcelain veneers can be a little pricey when compared to basic dental fillings. In order to understand the reason […]

How to Prevent Gum DiseaseJuly 15, 2016

Gum disease is one of the of the most frequent dental health problems. As a matter of fact, it is a more dominant cause of tooth loss than tooth decay, making it essential to learn more about how it happens and the prevention measures. Also called periodontal disease, it is present to some degree in […]

Facts About Osteoporosis and Dental ImplantsJune 10, 2016

Osteoporosis and dental implants do not mix for people who want strong teeth. The risks of cracks and fractures are higher for those who have this bone disease. Fortunately, there are medications and treatments made to reduce the symptoms. All teeth are different, so people must receive thorough dental evaluations to see if they qualify […]

Brushing Your Teeth Lowers Your Risk of CancerJune 6, 2016

Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth, floss regularly and use mouthwash, but most people think that those steps will only help improve their dental health. According to a new study, brushing regularly may also help reduce your risk of cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in America. Annual […]

Teeth Whitening Procedures for Sensitive TeethJune 3, 2016

Sensitive teeth does not have to be a negative result for teeth whitening. Sensitive teeth often react with a jolt of pain or discomfort when you eat or drink something hot or cold. Whitening can make this reaction even stronger. We offer you comfortable teeth whitening treatments that can give you the smile you want […]

How Successful Are Dental ImplantsJune 1, 2016

A dental implant may still seem like an exotic option for many dental patients, but they are increasingly becoming a valid choice for those suffering from tooth loss. Over 90% of modern implants made by high quality sources are successful. A typical successful dental patient will enjoy ten years of implant use, with a little […]

Porcelain Veneers to Fix Broken TeethApril 3, 2016

A broken tooth may be the last thing on a person’s mind, but it could occur when least expected. It could result from fighting, falling or eating. Fortunately, a broken or chipped tooth can be fixed by any dentist. The dentist will most likely suggest a porcelain veneer to fix the appearance of the tooth. […]

Learn When You Need a Sinus Lift When Replacing a ToothApril 2, 2016

A sinus lift, also called a maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure, is a surgical procedure whose goal is to add more bone to a patient’s upper jaw area in order to better support the placement of dental implants. A periodontist or maxillofacial surgeon performs a sinus lift by lifting the sinus membrane upward to make […]

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